Monday, April 30, 2012

Manu - The First Man

Early man, tell me if you can,
When did you come to Earth,
Opened your eyes, And took your first steps,
What era was that, Unknown, Unnamed,
When the rising sun, Kissed your forehead,
When you were ignited, And you were born..

In these verses, Kalpana Singh Chitnis beautifully conveys the enigma that the First Human-Beings are. WHO indeed was the first man? HOW did he appear? WHERE did he come from? WHAT gave birth to him and WHEN was he born?

Peering out the window, looking at Versova beach, I can still see people mulling around even at this late hour.. after all it's Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. There is a sea of Humanity wherever you turn to and sometimes it feels as if the city is literally bursting at its seams!

I started wondering how so many people came to be and my thoughts turned towards the legend of the First Man on this planet. Hindu Scriptures call this Man - Manu and make him the Indian counterpart of western Adam, the First Human-being created by God.

The Brahma Puraan declares :

"To continue with Creation, Brahma gave form to a Man and a Woman. The man was Swayambhu Manu and the Woman was named Shatrupa. Humans are descended from Manu, that is the reason they are known as Manavs."

Indeed MANU is the root-word for both the Sanskrit 'Manushya' and the English 'Man' that derives origin from the Germanic Mannus which stems from the same root as Manu.

The First Man - Manu

As explained in the third post (Creation by Brahma), after creating the Devas, Asurs, Pitras etc. Lord Brahma was completely exhausted and decided to take a break. He sat ruminating about the direction his work had taken till now, when suddenly, from his body, emerged a creature who looked a lot like him.

This was the First Man, Swayambhu Manu (Born-on-his-Own) who was born with the Kaya of his father Brahma (Ka-Brahma, ya-form). Interestingly, the same incident is noted in Bible as - 'Man was created in the Image of His Maker!'

Son and Father - Adam and God - Manu and Brahma

Alongwith Manu, there appears the feminine principle in the form of Shatrupa, the counterpart to Biblical Eve. Norse Mythology uses the terms Ask and Embla for Manu and Shatrupa, while the Zoroastrians called them Mashya and Mashyana.

However, there are certain fundamental differences between the Western and Hindu concepts of the Creation of Man.

  • While in the former, God deliberately created Adam, in the Latter, Manu emerged ON HIS OWN from the body of Lord Brahma.
  • In the Western concept, woman was created from the rib of Man(u) but in Hindu tradition, both emerged on their own from the body of Brahma thus, there is an Equality of Sexes.
  • Again, unlike the Biblical and Islamic accounts, there is no mention of the First Couple being thrown out of the Garden-of-Eden and NO concept of the ORIGINAL SIN.
  • Neither is there a mention of the DEVIL disguised as a serpent who asked Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit which she passes on to Adam resulting in their expulsion.

Instead, Lord Brahma, quite willingly, asks Manu and Shatrupa to establish their dominion on the Planet Earth. Here, the Biblical record matches with the Puranic story wherein Manu/Adam is made the Lord of all beings on Earth.

Manu and Shatrupa asked to establish their dominion on Earth

In Western Theology, the belief that Adam and Eve were created fully grown, has led to the depiction of the first human couple WITHOUT navels and is propounded in the Omphalos theory.

The idea is that they did not develop in a womb, therefore could not have been connected to an Umbilical Cord like other Humans. This again matches with the Hindu conception of Manu and Shatrupa emerging full-grown from the body of Brahma without any BIOLOGICAL parents.

Interestingly, Hindu scriptures do not stop at one Manu but mention MORE than ten different Manus! To clear the confusion, I should mention that Manu is NOT the name of a person but a TITLE, and refers to different people in different spans of Time just like Indra!!

So How many Manus are there?

To understand this, we shall first have to go through the basic calculation of time for Lord Brahma. As mentioned in various other posts, just like our own division of time, each day of Brahma (known as a Kalpa) is divided into 14 Manvantars (~ our 12 Hours) and each Manvantar is composed of 72 Chatur Yugas ( ~ our 60 Minutes).  

As you can observe from the chart above, the Chatur-yuga and Manvantar periods run into huge time spans. For the smooth functioning of such long intervals of time, each of these has a different set of Gods and Guardians.

For example, the post of Indra passes to the most deserving of the Devas every Manvantar and alongwith him, the groups of Devas, Saptarishis etc. also change posts and so does the Manu.

Thus, there are a total of 14 Manus in EACH day of Brahma and it is in deference to Manu that the division of time is called a Manvantar!

Right now, we are nearing the Noon of the 1st year of the 51st day of our Brahma's life. This implies there have already been a total of {14x360x50 = 252000 Manus for previous Years + 7 for this day} = 252007 Manus till now! Mercifully, our scriptures do not give us the details of the previous years of Brahma's life and only talk about the CURRENT day known as the Varah Kalpa :o)

The Current Day of Brahma

At the end of the 50th Year of Brahma, there was the usual flooding and destruction. Brahma rested for the night and at the break of the First Dawn of his 51st Year, started the process once again {For details check the post - Creation by Brahma}.

Shrimad Bhagvatam gives the names of all the past, present and future Manus for the current day of Brahma.

Fourteen Manus and corresponding Indras

Now, our Swayambhu Manu and Shatrupa were all set to take their place in the scheme of things and populate the Earth with their progeny. But, when they tried to locate their future home, the planet Earth was not to be found anywhere!

This is what had happened - While Brahma was busy with the creative process, a demon called Hiranyaksh (the Golden-Eyed), had abducted the Earth-goddess Bhumi from her central position in Bhu-loka and imprisoned her in the Lower planetary system of Rasaatal. Consequently, Manu and Shatrupa did not have a planet of their own anymore.

I used to be quite confused as a kid as to what ocean could be so huge that an entire planet can drown and get submerged in it! Shrimad Bhagavatam clarifies that this ISN'T an earthly water-body we are talking about, but the Cosmic Ocean known as Garbhodak that forms the base of our Universe. {For details check the previous post - Lokas or Alien Planets?}.

Earth trapped at the bottom of the Garbhodak Ocean

Brahma was dismayed and started praying to Lord Vishnu for help. The benevolent Lord then adopted the form of a huge boar (Varaha) to perform the dual task of releasing Bhumi-devi from imprisonment and vanquishing the demon Hiranyaksh.

One may wonder why Lord Vishnu took this particular form at that time. The reason for it is pretty simple and is related to  what I call the 'Boon of Conditional Immortality'. What I am referring to is the practice where an Asura would perform great penance directed towards Brahma in order to obtain Immortality and Brahma would grant him the boon BUT with an inherent condition.

An Asura praying to Brahma for Immortality 
Image courtsey India Authentic Comics
{Issue - Uma}

We saw in the Post {Devi - God as a Female}, the Minotaur Mahish, who had conquered the Three Worlds, had to be killed by a Female warrior because he had the Boon of Conditional Immortality against Males of any species. Hence Devi Durga had to be created from the combined energy of all Gods.

Similarly, Hiranyaksh asked for a boon of invincibility against ALL known species of Men, Animals, Birds and Divine Beings (male as well as female), but FORGOT to enumerate the Wild-Boar or Varah. Hence, Lord Vishnu had to incarnate in this particular form to put an end to the demon's life.

The gigantic Varah entered the cosmic waters and began to search for the captive planet. He found the submerged Earth and raised it on His tusks up to the top of the Garbhodak Ocean, after which He proceeded to kill the evil demon Hiranyaksh. Since this Kalpa started with the appearance of Lord Vishnu, it is known as the Varah Kalpa and because of the First Man - Manu, the First Manvantar is known as the  Swayambhu Manvantar.

Lord Varah heralding the present 51st Day of Brahma

Thus Varah-avatar was the FIRST Avatar of Lord Vishnu in the present day of Brahma and this incident took place 6 Manvantars = 1.8 Billion Solar Years ago!! 

After the Earth was restored to its proper position, Manu and Shatrupa took charge of its affairs. They had two sons Priyavrat and Uttanpad and two daughters Devahuti and Akuti. The two sons were married to daughters of the rishis while the two daughters of Manu were married to the Manas-Putras

The sons of Priyavrat were the ones who established dominion over the Mortal Realm. Priyavrat and his wife Kamya had 2 daughters and 10 sons, 7 of whom became the rulers of the Seven Mortal Realms. We have touched upon these realms in the previous post {Lokas, the Planets of Advanced Aliens} and I am sharing with you the names of the seven sons of Agnidhra who established their kingdoms in these planets.

7 rulers of 7 Mortal Dvipas
Dyutimat Kraunchdvipa
Vapushmat Shalmalidvipa
Jyotishmat Kushadvipa
Medhatithi Plakshdvipa

Emperor Agnidhra became the monarch of our own planet Earth (Jambudvipa) and when the time was opportune, he divided his kingdom into 9 different continents for his 9 sons. The details of this division can be obtained from my earlier post {Jambudweep - The Global Island}.

Manu's other son, Uttanpad also begot extremely virtuous sons and three of them viz, Uttam, Raivat and Tamas became the Manus for 3rd, 4th and the 5th Manvantar respectively. The fourth son Dhruva, because of his undying devotion to Lord Vishnu, became the guardian of the ONLY Spiritual Abode in this Material Universe, the Dhruva Loka. Let's know a little more about the Manvantars that have already come to pass in the Present Day of Brahma.

PAST Manvantars of the VARAH KALPA

(2). Swarochish Manvantar - Swarochi was the Manu for the second Manvantar and the son of fire-god Agni. He had sons named Dyumana, Sushen and Rochisman.

During that Manvantar, Indra’s post was occuppied by Rochan and instead of the present Adityas, Tushitas were the gods.

These Tushitas are better detailed in Buddhist Cosmology where they are described as superior Devas dwelling in the Tushita Heaven led by their ruler Santushita. This is where all Bodhisattvas destined to reach full enlightenment in their next life dwell before descending to Earth.

Tushita gods bidding Buddha adieu on his descent from Heaven

Another noteworthy detail mentioned for this Manvantar, is the story of a virtuous king Surath, who had worshiped Goddess Durga and obtained the boon of having an unbroken empire on earth. Consequently, this king would be born as the son of Sun-god Surya and would become the eighth Manu!

Ma Bhagvati blesses King Surath to attain Manu-hood
{Image courtesy Vimanika Comics}

(3). Uttam Manvantar - The third Manu Uttam was the younger son of Priyavrat and hence the grandson of Swayambhu Manu. In this Manvantar, seven sons of Vasishth were the Saptarishis. Indra’s name was Satyajit and Satya, Vedshrut and Bhadra were the main courtiers.

(4). Tamas Manvantar - Tamas, the fourth Manu was the younger brother of Uttam.

Trishikh/Shibi was Indra then, and Satyak, Hari, Veer etc. were his main courtiers. There were four categories of demigods namely Supar, Hari, Satya and Sudhi, each of them with 27 members each.

During this Manvantar, Lord Vishnu had saved the King of elephants Gajendra from the jaws of a cursed Gandharva who had turned into a Makar. By slaying the crocodile with His Sudarshan Chakra, Lord Vishnu liberated him from his curse and also saved the King of the Jungle.

Gajendra praying to Lord Vishnu for rescue

(5). Raiwat Manvantar - Raiwat was the fifth Manu and the brother of Uttam and Tamas, the previous two Manus.

Vibhu was the name of Indra and there were four categories of demigods namely Amitabh, Bhootrath, Vaikunth and Sumedha with 14 deities each. Lord Vishnu had then appeared in the incarnation of Vaikunth, the son of RIshi Shubh and his wife Vikuntha.

(6). Chakshush Manvantar - The sixth Manu was Chakshush and during his Manvantar,  Mantradruma was the Indra.

Apya, Prasoot, Bhavya, Prithuk and Lekh were the categories of gods each with 8 demigods. During this Manvantar, Lord had appeared in the partial incarnation as Ajit, the son of Vanraj and his wife Sambhuti.

In His complete incarnation, Lord Vishnu supported mount Mandrachal on his back as the Kurma when the Samudra-Manthan took place. Thus, the Cosmic Churning of the Ocean occurred  in the 6th Manvantar when the leader of the Gods was MANTRADRUMA and that of the Demons was Maharaj BALI, the grandson of Prahlad Maharaj.

This was the time when Devas obtained the Nectar of Immortality - Amrit from the ocean alongwith riches like the wish-fulfilling Kamdhenu cow; Parijaat tree; Airavat, the white elephant and Uchhaishrava, the flying horse.

Kamdhenu emerging from the Samudra Manthan
Airavat, the King of Elephants
 Ajit expansion of the Lord on top of Mandar Parvat

At the end of this Manvantar, when the Great Deluge was to occur, another one of Lord's incarnations took place and for a very specific purpose.

Lord Surya's son Satyavrat ruled the Dravid-desha in that period. When it was time for him to retire to the forest, he handed over the kingdom to his eldest son Ikshvaku (who gave rise to the Solar Dynasty). He then went to the foothills of Mount Malaya and started to perform meditation.

After a long time, Brahma appeared to him and granted him a boon. Satuyavrat knew the time was nigh for the end of the Chatur-Yuga, hence he asked the boon that he be allowed to carry on the role of Manu in the NEXT Manvantar and Brahma readily granted this boon.

One mornin, Satyavrat was performing ablutions in a pond and immersed his hands in the water so that he might offer some water to his ancestors. When he raised his cupped hands, he was amazed to find a tiny minnow (shafari) in his hands and that too, a talking one!

Satyavrat finds a tiny talking fish in his hands
Image courtsey Vimanika Comics
{Dashavatar Volume 1}

The tiny fish requested for shelter and Satyavrat obliged the creature. But, during the night, the fish grew too large for the small pot it was in, so in the morning, the King had to transfer it to a small pond and then move it to a still bigger one.

King gets the fish moved from one pond to another

Image courtsey Vimanika Comics
{Dashavatar Volume 1}

However, the tiny fish continued to grow over the next day while Satyavrat took the fish from one pond to another and finally to the ocean, but soon it grew as large as the ocean itself! It was then, that the significance of what had happened struck the King, and he realized that the fish was none other that the Supreme Lord Vishnu Himself and immediately bowed down to pay his respects.

Satyavrat realizes the magical creature is Lord Vishnu Himself!
Image courtsey Vimanika Comics
{Dashavatar Volume 1}

The Lord, pleased with his humility, told him that he was to be the Manu for the next Manvantar. The responsibility of saving all species of life for their continuation in the next eon also lay with him. The Lord told him that exactly seven days after that day, Pralaya or the Great Deluge will come and everything will be swallowed by the mighty ocean waves.

Lord Vishnu told Satyavrat that the demigods themselves would construct a ship and he was to take with him the Saptarishis and a pair each of all species of living beings worth saving, and wait at the same spot for the Lord to come there.

All species of Life collected for the next Yuga

The appointed day came, and clouds completely filled the sky. The torrential rains caused by Seven classes of clouds, known as Samvarta, Bhimananda, Drona, Chanda, Valahaka, Vidyutapataka and Kona began and entire land mass was flooded.

However, as instructed by Vishnu, Manu, along with his consort Shradha, the Saptarishis, chosen animals and plants was safe aboard the ship being buffeted by waves as large as mountains. As promised, at the predicted time, Lord Matsya appeared. His body had a golden effulgence and now He had a horn on His head.

Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu

The boat was tied by means of Nag-raj Vasuki, to the horn on the head of Matsya and thus, the virtuous devotees of Lord were saved to take life ahead to the next Eon. During the period of Deluge, Vaivasvat Manu asked Lord Vishnu several questions and this conversation is recorded in the form of the Matsya Puraan.

Matsya Avatar saving Manu and Life for the Present Manvantar

At last the rain stopped, the water took some more time to subside, and the land peeped out from under its watery prison. As promised, Satyavrat Vaivasvat Manu and his associates had been saved, and began the task of settling in the new world.

The PRESENT Manvantar

(7). Vaivasvat Manvantar - As mentioned above, in the present era, the seventh Manu, Shardhdev or Vaivasvat is the son of Surya. The Mahabharat declares:

"Manu was imbued with great wisdom and became the progenitor of a line. And in Manu's race have been born all human beings, who have, therefore, been called Manavs."

This implies that the Earth was repopulated by the progeny of Manu and all the Human-beings existing today are descendants of Manu.

Comparing with the western mythologies, Vaivasvat Manu is the counterpart of Noah, whom the Hebrew Bible, declares to be the tenth and last of the ante-diluvian Patriarchs.

The Qur'an contains 43 references to Noah and declares that he received a revelation to build an Ark, after his people refused to believe in his message and hear the warning.

Noah's Ark from a Biblical description
The Ark's occupants from a Koranic depiction

There are so many myths in different World Mythologies regarding the DELUGE that it certainly seems to have been a historical phenomenon of Global proportions!

In Greek Mythology, Deucalion is forewarned of the flood and he builds an ark and staffs it with creatures. Similar legends exist in Norse Mythology, African legends and the foundational myths of the Quiché and Mayas, and the story of Utnapishtim in the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh.

It is MORE than likely that all the above myths refer to the same phenomenon, one which we scientifically KNOW to have taken place - that of the Ice Age!!

The Ark carrying Manu/Noah/Utnapishtim/Deucalion and other survivors would have been guided by the global currents generated by the melting waters. The Quran claims that this Ark rested atop Mount Judi. However, Hindu records identify the site with Manali in the Himalays, which was obviously the highest land available on the planet. In fact, on my visit to Himachal Pradesh, I discovered that the ONLY temple to Manu in the entire World is located at Manali, and the name of the place itself commemorates Manu's landing!!

Temple of Manu at Manali

The last glacial period ended about 10,000 years ago and this would have been the time-period of our current Manu. Manu and his wife Shradha  are believed to have ushered in the New Age through their 10 sons- Ikshvaku, Drisht, Sharyati, Narishyanta, Nabhag, Disht, Karush, Prishadhra, Vasumana and Sudyumna/Ila.

As mentioned earlier, the eldest one IKSHVAKU gave rise to the illustrious Suryavansh in which was born Lord Rama, while from ILA, came the Chandravansh, in which Lord Krishna took birth. For details of these two genealogies, please check the following links: {Suryavansh - The Solar Dynasty and Chandravansh - The Lunar Dynasty}.

Genetically speaking, our Manu would probably have been brown-skinned in order to cover all color variations from fair to the dark! Also, medically, the Blood-groups for Manu and Shradha would probably have been A-ve  for Manu and B+ve for Shradha in order to to cover all the groups from the ABO series!! Would be interesting to find some archaeological evidence for this hypothesis.

All different races of Mankind are derived from Manu and Shradha

In Theosophy, Vaivasvat Manu is one of the most important beings at the highest levels of Initiation of the 'Masters of Ancient Wisdom', along with Sanat Kumar, Gautam Buddha and others. These beings act as the 'ROOT' for the Human race in the New Eon.

Coming to the divinities, our present Indra is Shakra, also known as Purandar and his courtiers are the Adityas, Vasus, Rudras, Vishvadevas, Marudgana, and the Ashwini Kumars. Kashyapa, Atri, Vashishtha, Vishvamitra, Gautam, Yamdagni and Bhardwaj are the Saptarishis. During this Manvantar, Lord Vishnu has incarnated as Vaman, the son of Kashyap and Aditi.

Vaman Avatar of Lord Vishnu

It is interesting to note, that while the Indra had changed from one Manvantar to the other, the ruler of the Asurs was STILL Maharaj Bali. Maharaj Bali was a benevolent king but he was ambitious and urged by his rakshas subjects, attacked and wrested control of the Heavens from Indra. The Devas were thus rendered homeless and to help them regain control of their planet, Lord Vishnu incarnated as the dwarf Vaman.

The Lord thus took back the THREE WORLDS from Bali and sent him to rule the Underworld. We saw in the previous post{Lokas, the Abodes of Advanced Aliens}, that Bali Maharaj right now resides in the lower planetary system of Sutal.

However, there's more to this story and we shall see what happens to Bali Maharaj ahead. Till now, we have discussed the Six Eons which have passed and the one that is going on. You would be surprised to know, that the Puranic descriptions do not stop at this!

The SEVEN Manvantars of the FUTURE are equally well detailed in the Bhagavaatm complete with the list of the Indras, Manus, Saptarishis, other gods, their sons and the incarnations of Lord Vishnu!!

The FUTURE Manvantars of Varah Kalpa

(8). Savarni Manvantar - King Surath, whom we encountered in the Second Manvantar, would be born as the son of Surya and Chhaya and because of Goddess Durga's blessings, would become the eighth Manu - Savarni.

We saw in the previous Manvantar that Lord Vaman had wrested control of the Three-Worlds from Bali Maharaj. However, because of his goodness of heart and spiritual nature, the Lord blessed him to become the Indra in the next Manvanatar!

Hence, Vairochan Bali, the pious Asura who was the King of Demons for two Manvantars, would become the King of Gods in the next Manvantar!!

Bali arrives in Amravati to claim his right from Purandar
Image courtsey Grant Morrison's 18 Days
{Artist - Mukesh Singh}

This shows that even if you are born a demon, with the Lord in your heart, you can even obtain the highest position in the Swarga-Loka, that of Indra himself! However, it seems our present Indra would not be too willing to let go of his throne (quite similar to our modern politicians eh!) and Bali will need help from the next incarnation of Lord Vishnu  -  Sarvabhaum, (the son of Devguhya and Saraswati) to obtain the title of Indra.

In this incarnation, Lord Vishnu would snatch the kingdom of Swarga-loka from Purandar and give the crown to King Bali. Sutap, Amitabh and Mukhya will be the categories of demigods with 20 deities each and Galav, Diptiman, Parashuram, Ashwatthama, Kripacharya, Rishyashring and Vyas would be the Saptarishis.

(9). Ninth Manvantar - Daksha-savarni, the son of Varun, the Lord of the Ocean would be the ninth Manu. Adbhut would be the Indra and during that Manvantar, Para, Marichgarva and Sudharma will be the three categories of gods with 12 deities each.

(10). Tenth Manvantar - Upashloka’s son Brahma-savarni would be the tenth Manu. He would be very pious in nature and have sons like Bhurishen etc. Shambhu would be the Indra, with Suvasana, Viruddh etc. as his main courtiers.

Lord Vishnu would appear in the incarnation of Vishwasen as the son of Vishwasrij and his wife Vishuchi and would be a friend of Indra. Sudhama and Vishuddh will be the two categories of gods with 100 deities each.

(11). Eleventh Manvantar - In the eleventh hour of Brahma's Kalpa, Dharma-savarni would be the eleventh Manu and would have ten sons. Vaidhrit would be the Indra with Vihangam, Kamagam, etc. as main courtiers.

(12). Twelfth Manvantar - Rudra-savarni would be the twelfth Manu whose sons would be led by Devavan. The demigods would be called Haritas, Indra would be Ritadhama, and the seven sages would be led by Tapomurti. The incarnation of Lord Vishnu in this manvantara is Svadhama, born to Satyasaha and Sunrita.

(13) Thirteenth Manvantar - In the period of the thirteenth Manu, the Manvantar would be led by Deva-savarni. Among his sons the famous one would be Chitrasena, the demigods would be called Sukarmas, Indra would be Divaspati, and Nirmoka would lead the Sapta-rishis. Lord Vishnu's manvantar-avatar is Yogeshvar, who would be born of Devahotra and Brihati.

(14) FINAL Manvantar - In the final period of this Kalpa, the Manu would be Indra-savarni and among his sons would be Uru and Gambhira. The demigods would be known as Pavitras, Indra's name would be Shuchi, and among the sages would be Agni and Bahu. The incarnation for this manvantar would be Brihadbhanu, born of Shatrayana from the womb of Vitana.

Exhausting as it has been, I have shared with you a summary of all 14 Manvantars of the Present Kalpa of Brahma. We have read about the Avataras, Indras, Sapta-rishis, Devatas, and of course the various Manus of the  Present Kalpa of Brahma.

If you have noted Lord Vishnu's incarnations, you would have observed one startling fact - The ten incarnations or Dashavatar are not in the order generally mentioned. For example, the 1st incarnation Matsya, took place just BEFORE the onset of present Manvantar while the 3rd one, that of Varah, occurred LONG AGO at the beginning of the Kalpa!!

As stated in an earlier post {Evolution in Dashavatar}, the artifical order of the Ten Incarnations actually represents the development of Life on this planet and gives support to the Organic Evolution Theory as propunded by Charles Darwin.

What is more amazing to me is that since EACH Manvantar is ~307 Million Years long, all these predictions cover a period of 4.32 Billion Years between them! Nostradamus and his elk could not even make proper predictions for the 2nd Millenium and here we have predictions lasting the entire lifespan of our Earth!!

Yet, even with the mind-boggling numbers, this period is just ONE DAY in the Life of Brahma; One day of Brahma is just 1/720th of his YEAR; One Year of Brahma is just 1/100th of his LIFETIME; and the lifetime of One Brahma and his Universe is just a SINGLE BREATH of Lord Maha-Vishnu.

 Lifetime of Our Universe is just a single Breath of Shri Maha Vishnu!

We keep fighting over petty issues all our life yet, this life, is not even a fraction of a second of Lord Maha-Vishnu's Breath. What is important, is to understand the ephemeral nature of all existence and strive to get out of this Material Creation.

Even with mankind descending from such an illustrious ancestor and making remarkable progress with each decade, we have somewhere lost our purpose of Life. We owe it to our ancestor Manu, to try and follow the path of the most ancient Dharma - Sanatan Dharma.

To conclude, I'll leave you with some verses inspired by the Shatapatha Brahmana's account of events that transpired at the Twilight of the Present Manavantar.

One morning Manu went to the river,
To offer oblations along the sands,
But when he took a palmful of water,
He found a fish between his hands!

"Save me O King and I'll save Thee!"
"Save me?" asked Manu, "How can that be?"
"A great flood will destroy all you know;
But I can save you and help you go."

Manu asked, "What must I do?"
Save me from the monsters it said,
"Its the Jungle Law - Fish eat Fish,
So keep me safe and let me grow."

"When I grow too big in size,
Dig a pond and keep me in;
When I get too big for that,
Take me down to sea for a swim."

When the fish reached the Ocean,
It told the King, "The flood is coming;
I know the time when it is due.
So listen to me and start planning."

When Deluge comes I'll send a ship,
This shall happen in Seven days,
Keep all species and Saptarishis with you,
And I will save you from drowning waves."

The flood came, but Manu was safe,
They tied the ship to Matsya's horn,
For an endless night, the waters poured,
Till there appeared the rainbow of Morn.

Matsya said: "Now you're saved.
Mind the water going down,
Come out slowly, as the level drops,
And let free your ship's entire town".

Manu did all that he was told,
And became the Lord of present Manvantar,
The flood destroyed every living thing,
But the pious were saved from going under.

This is the way Kaalchakra works,
For each Morn there is a Twilight,
Only the ones with faith in the Lord,
Can look out the tunnel and see the Light.

Aum Shanti: Shanti: Shanti:


  1. some hindus even dont know who was the first human being in the world.........thank you for spreading the knowledge !

  2. Replies
    1. nice work but consider the fact that the holy hindu books point to various dimensions and different worlds.. story of finding a suitable bride for revati being one

  3. Prashant ParikhMay 2, 2012 at 9:53 AM

    I feel in the long run these stories will be diluted and adulterated through such narrations. Preservation of the tradition is of utmost importance.

    Other than that I have no complaints. You have the writing skill and ability to portray things well, I would simply focus more now on the validity of content if I were you :)

    Also on your post detailing the 7 lokas, the surya loka is not the center of the universe. The universe has no center as such. Think about it, it is expanding evenly from all possible directions... there is no actual center, yes the big bang took place 13.7 billion years ago as per current scientific estimates, but contnuously, in a metaphorical way, there are "tiny" bangs happening in every point of space in the universe from which new space is growing. The center is nowhere and everywhere.

    That said, a lot of these facts when interspersed with spirituality are not in keeping with tradition either..

    vishNu bhagwAn forming the base of the universe represents the jagat aDhisthAnam principle. There are many such things really :)

    All the best

  4. hanx Prashant Parikh for ur inputs.. All the data presented in my poist is based on scriptural references.. if u find smthng not matching wid ur thoughts abt it may be bcoz the scriptures themselves give varying details at diff points..

    Anyhow the purpose is to bring all the info on one platform n mk it accessible for people who r interested in learning abt it frm a scientific point of view.. thr r enuff websites catering to the translations n purports of the sacred texts so i dont wanna repeat the same thing again.. still thanks for ur suggestions :)

    1. I agree with you and the stated purpose. Good presentation of information unknown to majority of Hindus.

    2. Thanx a lot for the vote of confidence :)

  5. Lokesh H. UkraniMay 2, 2012 at 9:58 AM

    thanx, for this post

  6. The pleasure is all mine Lokesh :) thanx for d appreciation

  7. शुभ संध्या.. बेहतरिन लाजवाब, कोई शब्द नहीं, इस आपकी पोस्ट के लिए, जय श्री कृष्णा.. राधे राधे.. जय माता दी.. हर हर महादेव.. जय श्री ओम गणेश.. ओम श्री साई नाथ..

  8. Shashanka Shekhar PandaMay 2, 2012 at 10:09 AM

    Wow! I read the blog page, and it's a worthy effort - quite a few of the things here were known but a few revelations too!

  9. It seems the original work was done by SANATANIs and others just got glimpses of our work and wrote. what they understood from our work.That's why we have exhaustive details while there's are in fragmants
    with missing links.

  10. I have posted your article on our page too good one champ!

  11. Thanx @Karan for sharing the page and the Images :)

  12. nice blogs vineet certainly enlightening 2 read n continue the good work

  13. I checked your blog. I like what you are doing,
    What you are doing you will see, in every corner of the world will begin, doing research in scriptures not only that one is born but others too. As you found Man derived from Manu, and deluge mentioned in our scriptures and semitic scriptures and other avtaars.

    All the conflicts are because of ignorance, this ignorance can be eliminated by understanding for that understanding proper intelligence is needed, which was lacking in the world hence there is history of wars from satyug till day, but they will cease as our intelligence shines. The newer the generation greater the intelligence and more conscious will be their choice, the love will become the prime need. The importance of love, devotion and sacrifice of the self will be recognized. This is because the Budh Nishkalank Avtaar granted his knowledge, leela of love of the Supreme and consciousness into the cosmic mind.Complete understanding of various scriptures and the leela of Supreme will soon be revealed to all.

  14. The soul is spiritual being (Aatam) and the body is physical being(Jeev). The soul is experiencing the human pain/pleasures, joys/sorrows which are the fruits of actions.
    Bhagavat geeta explains it as two birds jeeva one eating the fruits and other atama just watching, I can provide you with shloka if you want.
    Now in Hinduism it is strictly forbidden to eat the fruit of action, it must be totally surrendered to the Supreme God Head Krishna or Brahm. The jeev eats the fruit of action which is forbidden and also gives to the Aatam which partly enjoys it but does not swallow it fully it also witnesses the actions and reactions of Jeev. The Jeev is tempted to follow the Mann(desire) and brings itself misery. The mind of Vishnu (mann) is Narad which is cursed by Prajapati to keep the jeev away from the Supreme ie.providing Brahmgyaan later he just gives knowledge about Vishnu and not beyond and he cannot stay in one place for long!
    The jeev following the desires(Mann) falls to lower realms of existence of misery and suffering (rebirth,hell). The jeev gets another birth but if one could not understand to surrender to God in Now in this human birth, tomorrow never comes! The soul undergoes 84 lakh birth in different species and comes back to human!

    1. i will differ on one point that soul is experiencing the human pains/pleasures etc... as the soul although being the one reason for us to have live body, its the untouched and uneffected one that's why its immortal and a part of paramatma but if u see its our ignorance which keep our body, heart and mind in pain and all because of "mann" which can be healed by our "vivek".. and in the end its our atma which still in its truest form provides shelter.. when u connect with it.. it leads to peace only. and in hinduism fruit of action is not forbidden but they are to be performed as duty with balanced approach without any worldy attachment but still knowing that we all are one , part of one.

  15. The forbidden fruit is fruit of action. The Eve eats the fruit tempted by the Satan (a fallen angel) and offered it to Adam who ate too but became aware after getting warning with the God. The Satan Lucifer the fallen angel tempts human beings away from the God towards the hell. In Christianity the hell is for eternity (If one misses this opportunity, the other opportunity is almost never)

  16. ‎Ranjana Oli thanx.. i like the last part where u compared the story of adam n eve with aatma n jeev.. abt Lord Vishnu n Narayan i know wht ur saying.. plz check the post titled Creation by Brahma in which i hv discussed the diff Vishnu forms :)

  17. It's Great!

  18. Lovely blog, vineet...

  19. Thanx Pritee Mehta :) hope ur bday was great!
    Thanx Avijit :)

  20. Jitesh Jitu MondalMay 6, 2012 at 12:47 PM

    Long article ... Like it .... Appreciated

  21. Nice Research Bro... keep it up.

  22. awsm !!!! feeling like m in another world after reading this article..i thought i knew it all... but their was alooot more to know..!! nice wrk!!

  23. ‎Jitesh Jitu Mondal yeah its long coz i had to cover all the fourteen manvantars!! Thanx for d appreciation :)

    @Manish bhai thanx a ton :)

  24. ‎Amrita Kainth thanks dear... Thrs so much to learn that we can spend a lifetime of research and still not know everything :)

  25. Amazing..!!! Its a wonderful article.. Good work bro :)

  26. Thanks Paras Sharma! gud to knw ur stil reading the blog :)

  27. Wow it was indeed great read in the morning with my cup of coffee.. " beautifully explained " my best part of the read was The Current Day of Brahma - keep at it :-)))

  28. I remember watching some Hindu mythological serial on tv quite sometime back & was surprised like anything when I found a striking similarity of a particular episode with the Islamic account of Prophet Nooh (Noah)!!

  29. Thanks for the encouragement Asha Malhotra :D

  30. ‎Shoaib Abrar there r more than one similarities bro :) sadly people just focus on the differences n not the commonalities!

  31. m sooo glad u cleared my notion ( i alwaz blivd it) of dat 1st sin n xpulsion of 1st male n female on acount of feelin me dt hav words.......its n amazin text...hats off......

  32. Nice Link...Good information..!!!!

  33. m sooo glad u cleared my notion ( i alwaz blivd it) of dat 1st sin n xpulsion of 1st male n female on acount of feelin me dt hav words.......its n amazin text...hats off......

  34. Thanx a lot @Karthick :)

    @Prairna yeah Hindu texts do not agree to the notion of the the 'Original Sin' and the so called serpent and apple theory.. Manu n Shatrupa (Adam and Eve) were sent to Earth for the precise purpose of expanding Creation!! Thanx a lot for ur appreciation :)

  35. Hats off docsab... amazing work like always...extremely well researched...very informative ...n beautifully written...It's high time u write a book!! I am eagerly waiting for it!! The last part where u explained the life cycle of universe...literally blew my mind away!!... Terrific!!

  36. Thanks a lot Harsh Chopra :)
    I try my best to simplify things coz I know the topics r a lil unusual.. Its really kind of you to appreciate it to this extent!! thanx a lot :D

  37. If fools in the world can stick to their so called history of Bible and Koran, We too can research in our line and verify it with scientific data.... After all its our History and more ancient than all the religion and world mythology combined!!...and this no one can deny...

  38. Thanx @Manish for the appreciation :)

  39. great content...great work....keep it up...God bless.

  40. Thanx a ton @susheel Verma!! its always gud to hear frm like minded people :)

  41. Thanks dear!rather than reading many books,ur one article is enough,when u get so much time2read?

  42. Ahhh Satyashila its a passion so i keep doing it even when i dont hv time ;) thanx again for d kind words!

  43. Hi Vineet,

    This is Pavan from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Am a Software Professional in Syntel LTD - Airoli, Navimumbai.
    From my childhood i used to read all religious books and am very fond of it. One day when i was browsing for something I got your blog address in serach results.
    Your Posts really amazing and most of the people who will call themselves as Mighties doesn't know the depth of knowledge you have provided. My heartfelt appreciations to you.
    No words with me to congratulate you for your efforts in this busy life. I myself read out all your posts and i even suggested all my friends to read your blog.
    Although am younger than you but still am treating you as my friend. Since am not having blogs am just dropping this comments to let you know that one more follower of your blog is Me:)
    Keep posting and God Bless You!!

    Pavankumar Ramakrishna,
    Mobile : 9970725677, 9833664118,
    email :,

  44. Thanx a lot Pavan! I take ur appreciation with all humility.. its good to know there are others like me want to know more about their traditions and history.. it is indeed difficult to find time with work n all eating up most of ur life but still m hoping to finish the alphabet by mid next year :)

    1. "Man on A Mission", I deeply appreciate your efforts to bring this kind of knowledge to the forefront which otherwise would be lost or be within the realms of selected few who wouldn't put this much efforts to share. Though an Engineer by profession I would like to pursue studies in this very field and I am curious to know what your sources of researches are. Please let me know.

    2. I remember my grandpa chanting a shloka "Aadya Brahmanaha Dvitiya Parardesweta Varahakalpe Vaivaswata Manvantre Kaliyuge Pradhamapade Jambu Dweepe Bharata Varshe Bharata Khande...." so on. Now I know what he meant by this. Thank you :)But also I am curious to know if Vaivaswata Manvanthara ends will there be amends to this shloka?

    3. @Raksha thanx a ton for ur appreciation! I have been researching on these topics since abt 7 years now.. thr are various sources I use including original library collection of scriptures, online translations of sacred texts, books written by historians and linguists etc.. u can also start with the same.. As regards the shloka u mentioned, yes it would change once the Manvantar changes :)

  45. Namaste, Just out of curiosity...Manu has started the life on this mrityuloka or earth and he will remain live till the end of manvantara. Manu is considered as the first man means he is not from other lokas like swarga or any other higher I right? If this is right then where is manu and his descendants are staying right now? OR is their any loka like Manuloka like other lokas such as Goloka, Suryaloka etc. where Manu and his descendants are staying. As I told earlier, just out of curiosity I am asking this. Please try to satisfy my query at your level best. God bless you.

    1. Thats a very good question and honestly speaking I dont have an exact answer to it.. there is no reference to where he might be living now as his age is not the average human life-span.. but Manu is not a mere human and is born of Brahma Himself.. he is a spiritually advanced person and so are his sons hence I would assume that they have advanced to the level of one of the higher Lokas and currently reside there but as I said earlier, it is at best an educated guess and not a certainty at all.

  46. Amazing. But I have always had this question, why Lord Vishnu Supported Purandhar, the current Indra against demons, when he himself did some sins? Why didn't Lord Vishnu straight away give the thrown to Bali?

    1. Well i believe there's a time and place for everything.. maybe the time was right for Purandar coz of his previous Karma and Bali will get his chance soon enough coz of the merit he has collected for his good Karma :) After all, its the highest post in the Heaven and there has to be a certain amount of seniority to be taken into account as well..

  47. awesome!!!!!!!!! this shows ur hardwrk behind this article n its really a masterpiece!!

  48. confusing but get some interesting knowledge about mankind.

    1. :) well i know the topic is a little extensive but I hv tried to simplify it as much as possible yet retain all the relevant details :)

  49. Just few word for appreciation...
    "God bless you Doc"

  50. Ultimate output of the mankind history.

  51. who called first the word "hindu" and why

    1. Please check the post called 'India and Bharat' for your answer. You can access it from the LABELS section on the right side panel. Thanx

  52. I am lost in time, age, universe, lokas after reading. So vast. Just few lines need to describe billion billion years. Time is so fast. I just want to quote a small story from Gospel of Shri Ramakrishna. Nandi was sitting in front of Mahadeva. Suddenly a sound of blast heard. Nandi anxiously asked about it. Shivji replied that birth of Ravan took place. Then after sometime another sound heard. Nandi again inquired and Shivji replied now death of Ravan happened.

    As you said, we are so tiny even smaller than virus considering all these time frame. Till we have such mountain ego.

    Need some clarity, may be stupid:

    1. So, sudden emerging of Manu and Shatrupa from Brahman. It is not supporting evolution theory. How to explain this fact scientifically? Though in some opinion DNA arrived with meteors.

    2. As they are first human on Earth, but to whom their children married? It is mentioned that daughter of Rishis? Who are those Rishis?

    3. Why Varah Avatar is not worshiped around India?

    I think all these events given in scriptures about subtle world. Events of gross world follow subtle world. These are all forms of subtle energy.

    Whatever,last thing i would like to say that someday you will be a fabulous grandfather. Children will glue to your words. However, through these stories or truth, character, integrity, honesty, ethics were formulated in tender minds of children till arrival of Cartoon Network, Playstation, Xbox.

    1. Hahaha i appreciate the grandpa comment :P

      1. The sudden appearance of Manu and Shatrupa does not contradict evolution if you remember that they came AFTER plant/animals and other lower life forms.. please read the post titled ' Creation by Brahma' for more clarity on this.

      2. The puranas mention their entire lineage so you can check the following link to check how their bloodline extended -

      3. Btw there is no particular reason for a particular avatar not being very popular.. I have seen temples that have all the ten incarnations shown together so its not that no one is worshiping them though Shri Raam and Shri Krishna definitely being more charismatic and relatable take the cake

  53. Hello Vineet,

    Extremely Nice one I must say. But I have a doubt : what happens after the 14th Manvantara ? Does it simply continue like this till the end of Brahma's lifetime ? Also what after that? As you have said that Brahma's lifetime is SrimanNarayana's breath intake. Is SrimanNarayana immortal? No end for questions I guess :) We just need to keep questioning!!

    With regards,

    1. Totally.. the questions shud never end :)

      As far as I understand, the end of the 14 manvantars means the end of the CURRENT day of Brahma.. after that is his night which lasts for an equal duration and then again his day starts with 14 new Manvantars and so on and so forth till he reaches the end of his lifetime which is 100 Brahma Years.

      As for Shri Karanodakshayi Vishnu, yes He is Immortal for He forms the foundation of the Material Creation. The Garbhodakshayi and Kshirodakshayi Vishnu forms are individual for each Universe, and presumably, when the Universes are assimilated back into the body of Shri Karanodakshayi Vishnu, they also get assimilated into Him but Lord Narayan remains as He is.

    2. What is the role of lord shiva in this cycle?

    3. Lord Shiva's biggest role is the destruction of all creation when Brahma's day comes to an end.. please check the post titled The Dance of Shiva on this blog for further elaboration :)

  54. I would ask every one over here in this blog?
    Gyan Se bada kya hota hai?
    With all the knowledge mentioned above you all have and taken extreme pain in collecting and hence may have found happiness, I would like to ask...Didn't you feel something is being said here, that is a must and must be followed?
    Gyan se bhadi hodi hai bhakti.Shraddhha.
    I highly appreciate what you are doing and done for the wandering minds but the alternative lies only in the remembrance of the Lord.
    More to say' To love him and stay in BLISS'.

    1. As the Supreme Lord said in the Bhagavat Geeta, there are three paths to attain salvation - Gyan yoga, Karma yoga and Bhakti yoga.. we shudnt compare the merits of which one are higher.. as long as one follows the path he/she is on, they shall attain Krishna.. Hari Bol

  55. this is just amazing blog........everything true.

    scientific minded person will never understand.

    1. That is the attempt.. to make scientific minded people understand religion and the religious ones understand science :)

  56. Good stuff Vineet! what are your sources and references for this text. Its very well put and i would like to study further

    1. Thanx Pankaj.. I have used couple of puraans to formulate the entire post the principal of which is Shrimad Bhagvat Puraan. Thanx for visiting and commenting :)

  57. Vineet, Great job, what you are doing is right, just believe in yourself, never loose hope from the negative comments which I know you are getting, You are doing a very great job,just accomplish your mission and your aim, as you writing on this topics GOD already blessed you. Note:- remind this one thing if your blog will become hit and someone will pay you in dollars.... at least think at what price you are selling your and our believes. after all Satya hi shiv hai...... never ever

    1. Haha don't worry.. if I had wanted to make money out of this information I would have monetized it long ago :)Thanx for your kind words and encouragement!

  58. Vineet, your mission is working, God Bless You

  59. You really have got the skill, and excellent research. I will request you more on the topic of connections among various ancient civilizations through their myths (which may not be myth but a little cryptic). Like connections with Atlanteans and Egyptians. This "root races" concpet is quite interesting and intriguing and after going through your posts, I am pretty much confident you are such a person who can investigate this thing... just a request. Excelent work Doc.

    1. Thanx a lot Atanu.. I am familiar with the concept though whatever research I have done gives mystical data not scientific one.. However, as stated in the post on North Pole, there definitely were antediluvian civilizations present and the concept certainly matches with what our scriptures say about the Human race evolving and devolving with each successive Yuga.

  60. Beautifully presented. A Lot of insight into Hinduism. Truly great work. Please keep it coming.

    1. Thanx a ton Sudha.. I intend to! Thanx for the encouragement :)

  61. what a hard work what an extensive research/ you are brilliant my child .god bless you with more power,to complet this blog. this is an exellent work you are doing.keep it up my betu

  62. What was the language spoken by MANU ..???

    1. Haha well since there have been 7 Manus till now it is hard to say which one spoke which language!! I am assuming you asked this question from a perspective of knowing which is the oldest language but it is hard to say based on the scriptural data which language they used though since most of them are written in Sanskrit, it would be a fair guess to assume it as the official language of communication.

  63. Wonderful amazing no words of appreciation. Thanks a lot Mr. writer all Hindus must read and learn our history. today what ever we have and we get from from our so called sant mahatmas its all twisted and diluted details Hindus must know all this Thanks aonce again

    1. Pleasure and Thank you for commenting.. I believe in today's age we need to read the scriptures ourselves instead of relying on others for their interpretations!

  64. I found one person in andhra pradesh who claims himself as incarnation of Lord vishnu. His name is Raja which is alternates to "Saarvabhouma" . His mother name is Saraswathi ,and Father name is Thirupati which means "Devaguhya"(as mentioned in your description). Can you say by his birth details one can assume him as God viShnu avatar. ?

  65. There may be multiple such people with claims on Godhood.. doesnt make them an avatar my friend :)

  66. Good !
    From ages Indian Real past been given the Word "Mythology" so that the new upcoming generation may only read it as a Drama and not a reality .The natural truth always evolves since it is absolutely truth .Science is always about the reality and truth and it always prevails and so the vedic knowledge .The only thing you need to add is to make it simple, based on the scientific facts
    & supported by our great vedas and to be make understood to all common Indians so that they may feel good about their rich well developed great golden past and not see the face of west .The So called myths of Indua valley ,Ramayana ,Mahabharat ,etc and real meaning of all past epics and relation need to reveled now lets tha world see the great and rich vedic knowledge .Come up with this publishing in Hindi and all available languages so that this may be commonly read and understood by all and even the west also.
    It is not religion but the science that vedic dharma sustain and hence called sanatan .

    Anurag Laghate
    MBA (Finance)
    Profession:Banking service

    1. Thanx for the appreciation Anurag.. working towards that goal.

  67. I have been very querious about these kind of facts just want to ask a question or you can sy i want to know about this topic aswell. i woould really appreciate if you can tell me about the King Ravana aswell as we all know Ravana was not only a Asur as we all know he has much more qualities then we all are aware about please if you can spare some time and tell us something about him aswell. As i know you are a great researcher
    you will definatly come up with some intresting facts.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vikrant Baliyan

    1. Well Ravan was the son of a great rishi called Vishrav and his Asur wife. Being the son of a rishi he was groomed in the Vedas and had deep knowledge of all scriptures. Still, even with all this knowledge he let his Asuric nature take hold of him. He first usurped the kingdom of his step-brother Kuber and drove him out of Lanka after taking away his riches and the Pushpak Viman. Later he even attacked the Heavens and subjugated Indra becoming the master of the Three Lokas. All his education and Vedic knowledge came to nought when he even challanged the great Lord Shiva and tried to uproot Kailash to bring him to Lanka. And the desire to obtain what belongs to others never left him and ultimately led to his death by none other than Lord Vishnu Himself.

  68. Very interesting hope to read more .

  69. Awesome work.Many of my doubts have been clarified.I was also wondering for long about the lord incarnating as Varaha Avartar and saving Boomatha from Hiranyatchakan.That Ocean part was puzzling me.Now only I started lectures on Srimad Bhagavata though I am an vaishnavaite brahmin and I chanced upon your site while searching for Manu's lineage.Thanks a lot.


    1. My pleasure :) m glad my post could clear some of your doubts

  70. दोस्तों। मेरी आप से request हैं की pleaes and again please do not confuse Manu-Shatrupa with Adem-Eve. ये दोनों ही अलग अलग couples हैं जो अलग अलग समय मे पेदा हुए हैं। इन दोनों का वास्तव मे, आपस मे, कोई संबंध नहीं हैं।

    ये बात सच है के माहाराज मनु ओर माता शतरुपा दोन ही भगवान ब्रह्मा के मानस पुत्र हैं ओर सारी मनुष्य जाती इन्हीं से उत्पन्न हुई हैं ना की किसी बंदर से। लेकिन इन दोनों की उत्पत्ति तब हुई थी जब ब्रह्मा जी ने पहली बार श्रीष्टि रची थी।
    ओर दूसरी तरफ, बाइबल मे नाम है "Adem ओर Eve" कुरान मे नाम है "आदम ओर हव्वा" लेकिन हिन्दू वेदों मे इनका नाम है "आदम ओर हव्यावती"। इनका जन्म आज से लगभग 8000 (द्वापर युग) वर्ष पहले ही हुआ समझो। ओर भगवान कृष्ण जी को (माहाभारत काल मे) इस धारा धाम को छोड़ कर गए हुए 5000 वर्ष हुए समझो हैं।

    अब दोनों मे अंतर समझिए की कहां संपूरण श्रीष्टि का आरंभ ओर कहां द्वापर युग का अंत।

    वेदों के मुताबिक:-

    एक बार कलयुग ने घोर तपस्या की ओर भगवान विष्णु को प्रसन्न किया ओर वर मांगा के प्रभु सतयुग का राज़्य आया, त्रेयायुग का राज्य आया ओर द्वापर युग का राज़्य चल ही राहा है। नाथ!! मेरा राज़्य काब आयेगा प्रभु मुझे वरदान दीजिये की मेरा भी राज़्य अब चारों ओर फेले । तो श्री हरी ने प्रसन्न हो कर काहा
    "यहाँ से उत्तर की तरफ एक प्रदान क्षेत्र है वहाँ पर दो दामपती आदम ओर हव्यावती, मेरी आज्ञा से, ज्ञान अवस्था मे विचरते हैं। वहाँ जाकर तुम उन्हे माया रूपी वृक्ष का मायावी फल खिला दो तो तुम्हारा राज़्य आरंभ हो जाएगा। "

    माहाराज मनु ओर भगवती शत्रुपा का जन्म करोड़ों अरबों कल्पों पहल श्रीष्टि के आरंभ मे हुआ था ओर आदाम-हव्यावती का जन्म केवल 8000 वर्ष पहले द्वापर युग मे हुआ था। दोनों मे भेद है।

    1. Thanx Yogeshwar for ur inputs :) ye jo aapne story share ki hai uska koi source bata sakte hain?

    2. Story seems matching, but if the source is known, it can be authenticated

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    1. Haha well Ashish whatever free time I get I like to spend it reading stories from different scriptures :) Thanx a lot for ur good wishes!!

  73. hey Vineet what do you think about indian Gotra system and its scientific importance related to genetic systems, here is a link I refered earlier:-

    1. It is indeed very relevant my friend.. it prevents in-breeding and genetic abnormalities when a boy and a girl from the same lineage marry.. I read the article and it seems quite logical

  74. thanx vineet, as always this was again very informative n concise form of evolution of human on earth acc. to Hinduism ( worlds oldest n mother (or may b father) of all religion).

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    1. Yup but the blog is on a hold for couple of months.. working on something else right now :)

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      Thanx a ton for your kind words :)

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    1. Thanks for the suggestions buddy.. the sharing option is already available below each article but yes the FAQs are a good idea.. :)

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    1. Well the pleasure is all mine brother (or sister if that's the case!!).. when i started research i found the material on Hindu mythology severely lacking in its cohesiveness hence this blog! Am glad it is serving its purpose :)

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  82. It is said that at the end of a Kalpa, the world is annihilated.
    Then what happens after 100 years of Brahma's lifespan?
    What's the different in the two endings?

    1. Destruction happens in four ways - first at the end of each chatur-yuga, second at the end of a manvantar, third at the end of a kalpa and fourth at the end of Brahma's lifespan. While at the end of a Kalpa, everything dissolves into its constituent elements and only Brahma remains in the Universe (except of course Shri Garbhodakshayi Vishnu), at the time of the latter, even Brahma along with everything else in the Universe gets assimilated back into the body of Shri Maha Vishnu.. plz check the post on Pralaya for more clarity :)

  83. Devas and Asuras (Daityas and Danavas) are half brothers.

    Devas = Children of Kashyapa and Aditi (first daughter of Daksha)

    Daityas = Children of Kashyapa and Diti (second daughter of Daksha)

    Danavas = Children of Kashyapa and Danu (third daughter of Daksha).

    Daityas and Danvas were sent to earth and they were all giants at Satya yuga and gradually declined in size.

    Daityas ruled subcontinent India. The Germans, greeks, celts all considered themselves children of Danu the river goddess, Tauthe De Danaan. Mahabali was Daitya and lead the Danavas against the Devas.

    Shiva slayed the giant Asura race with the sword Asi. Shiva punished Daksha (son of Brahma). Daksha is like Satan and Shiva is like the angry god in the old testament lol

    1. Hmmm all else is fine but Daksh is not similar to Satan mate.. he's a Prajapati who made it possible to help the Manas purses and even Shiva give forth progeny in the world since his daughters were married to them :)

    2. Related to the given story, how is gotra system made. Who is married to rishi kashyap for the manushya gotra?

    3. For the current Manvantar, as mentioned above, it is Surya's son Manu who gave rise to the Manushyas hence we are all children of Kashyap and Aditi

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  86. Great Article. The Ask & Embala that you have mentioned has any connection with the Ida & Pingala of Hinduism?

    1. Hi Anand, not really.. they are more like Adam and Eve or Manu and Shatrupa while Ida and Pingala are more abstract concepts related to the Nadis in our body.. In a way of course they perform the same function for both Ida and Pingala as well as the First Man and Woman are but two halves of a whole :)

  87. Yep Vineet,

    Thats why it ushered me to ask you.

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    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation :)

  89. Important question: So First Man Swayambhu arrived at the 50th year of Brahma and we have no idea what kind of beings was there for the previous 50 years of Brahma ?

    1. Yup very true :)
      But i dont think they would be very different from the categories that exist today since Brahma would have perfected at least a few of his designs by the 50th year ;)

  90. I have heard that Hanuman will be the next Brahma, so is Brahma a title as well? Also, does Savarni mean anything?

    1. Brahma is not a title but the being called Brahma is mortal too with a life-span of 100 Brahma Years which amount to roughly 300 Trillion Human years.. After he dies another Brahma takes his place and thus Hanuman Ji shall become the next Brahma after about 150 Trillion years from now.

  91. Vishwamitra tells Rama that Bali was the greatest king world ever knew.

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    All the very best Sir :)

  93. Do you know which Manavantara Ravana was born. Is it the present one ? His grandfather Sumali was Mahabali's commander.

    1. Well it seems most likely that Ravan was born in the present Manvantar itself since he was contemporary to the Vanars, Kartavirya Arjun and of course the human kings like Dashrath.. His uncle and mother might have existed before in other Manvantars though

  94. It is said that Bali was Ravana's teacher. No wonder why Ravana was a good ruler to his people. It is said that Ravana's arrogance was too much even for Bali. Bali himself was an extremely proud character.

    1. Indeed.. but i dont remember Bali teaching Ravan mentioned in the Ramayan.. where did you find that info?

  95. I think I heard that from my friends or something, probably from south indian literature. Ramayana only has the stories of the last stages of Ravana's life. Most of Ravana's life happened before Ravana. They are probably etched in the south indian literature and folklore. :-)


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